Introduction to our new series

Introduction to our new series

Hammaad M


I know we haven't posted anything in a while since we had travelled to the UK, and of course found no time there at all to write one. Then, the new school year started, so we got busy with that. However, we intend to change that insha'Allah.

This post is an introduction to a new series which we will hopefully start soon. Insha'Allah, we will be posting once or twice a week. We will choose a hadith each week, proceed to translate it, and then extract the advice or inspiration from the sayings of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Insha'Allah, from this series, we will all benefit from it, and gain reward from following the advice (naseehah) of the Prophet (PBUH).

We will try and follow this structure:

  1. Mention the hadith
  2. Translate the hadith
  3. Explain the hadith or what is meant by certain words
  4. Extract the advice or inspiration from that hadith
  5. Conclude the previous into short bullet points to make it easier to remember

Jazakumullah khairan for all the support you have given us since we have started. May Allah help us, guide us, and place us on the straight path. Ameen.

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