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Mypraisebeads was set up as a home-schooling venture. We'd always toyed with the idea of a small business for the kids, a hands on way of teaching them. But we had no idea what that venture might be!

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  • Natasha, Riyadh

    Salaam The person I gave the present to really liked the prayer beads And I loooooove mine They are exactly what I like. Thank you so much. Also I want to say, Mashallah I put the tasbihs to heavy duty usage 1.5 hours in the morning and 1.5 in the evening And I’ve never had any last this long. Most break in three days So the quality is not even close, Mashallah.

  • Shaista S, United Kingdom

    Allhumduillah for the tasbih. Allhumduillah, how you have made it just right...the beads are soft to touch and makes you calm...The beads move softly, they don't get stuck at any point nor are they too easy to move that you accidently move to many (can you tell these things have happened to me!!), and you get the gentle soft touch noise on each one you move. And the beauty...

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  • Farah I, Malaysia

    Assalamualaikum. Came back home to a pleasant surprise. The tasbih have arrived. Was not able to fully appreciate the 3 tasbih as it was wrapped as gifts for my sister and both mother and mom in law. But mine and my kids’ tasbih was soooo nicely done. Thank you soooo much. Pls thank your children as well and tell them what a creative bunch they are. Have a blessed ramadhan.

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Do you use natural stones?

Yes, all of our tasbihs are made with semi-precious natural stones. We do add decorative beads for design purposes in some of our tasbihs. If you are looking for something made entirely from natural stones, please contact us and we can guide you in your selection.

How much is shipping?

Within the UK we charge £1, and international delivery rates will vary depending on your location.

Will my tasbih break quickly?

No, we use cord that has been strength-tested. We haven’t had any complaints about string breaking. You can watch us testing the strength of our cord here.

What size are the beads?

Our tasbihs are made with smooth, 6mm beads, perfect for everyday use.

What makes these tasbihs special?

All our tasbihs are unique. They are designed and handcrafted by our family in Saudi Arabia. We use strong string, beautiful semi-precious stones, and our tasbihs are strung with dhikr in mind. We try to maintain the same sized beads, and we create the perfect amount of space for the beads to move smoothly beneath your fingers. Our 99 bead tasbihs are packaged in a luxurious pouch and gift box with an additional gift card, making them the ideal gift for your loved ones.