Our Story

Mypraisebeads was set up as a homeschooling venture.

Our parents decided the best way to teach us about business was to make us start one ourselves - so we did! Our mum was quite involved at the beginning to get us started, but now we're a lot more independent (although she still keeps us all in order)!

Two (coming up to three) years ago, we bought some beads with the intention of making gifts, made them and discovered a whole new creative outlet! Now, we're proud to have a website going and still enjoy creating gifts that keep on giving. Alhamdullillah!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us, from family, friends and people who don't know us at all, and most of all to the absolutely fabulous UK team who make life a whole lot easier.

We really appreciate all the purchases, likes, comments and follows - yep, even those little things make a difference!

We hope our praisebeads bring you joy and reward.

Read more about us and meet the team here.