Salma A, UK

I’ve been using it since Ramadan started - I pray you’re rewarded for every praise that comes from my lips. It is truly beautiful - from the way that that beads match perfectly, to the beads themselves and of course the moon pendant (if that’s what it’s called? 😅)


Natasha, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The boys love their tasbihs! Thank you! Also I want to say, Mashallah: I put the tasbihs to heavy duty usage - 1.5 hours in the morning and 1.5 in the evening - and I’ve never had any last this long, most break in three days ! So the quality is not even close, Mashallah.



Nina B, Thailand

We have just received the beads and we would like to say that they are amazing! The quality and the details on the beads are so beautiful! The customer service on all platforms, whether it be Instagram, WhatsApp, or Facebook is impeccable! They have taken so much time and attention to care for the beads that they reach Thailand safely, and they have! Thank you very much for the wonderful service and for the most beautiful beads! You have 2 very happy customers in Thailand. I highly recommend My Praise Beads!


Farah I, Malaysia

Assalamualaikum. Came back home to a pleasant surprise. The tasbih have arrived. Was not able to fully appreciate the 3 tasbih as it was wrapped nicely as gifts for my sister and both mother and mom in law. But mine and my kids’ tasbih was soooo nicely done. Thank you soooo much. Pls thank your children as well and tell them what a creative bunch they are. Have a blessed ramadhan.


Shahista, UK

 Allhumduillah for the tasbih. Allhumduillah, how you have made it just right...the beads are soft to touch and makes you calm...The beads move softly, they don't get stuck at any point nor are they too easy to move that you accidently move to many (can you tell these things have happened to me!!), and you get the gentle soft touch noise on each one you move. And the beauty of the pendant makes you ponder on beauty of Allah. Jzk so much for my tasbih.


Nouf S, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

They are even prettier than the photos!!!! I LOVE THEM!!


Zahrah, UK

JazakAllah Khair sister the Tasbeeh are absolutely stunning the phots really do not give it justice it’s so elegantly beautiful I love the uniqueness of it compared to the others with the clasp makes it so pretty to wear and the beads slide beautifully when using, May Allah grant you and your children so many beautiful blessings for making such beautiful praise beads I’m sure we will be back for more Insha’Allah 🤍💜